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Photo of Gary AnthonyGary Anthony (aged 40) is an amateur astronomer who lives in Hull, East Yorkshire. He has long-standing ties and correspondence with the space industry, particularly the European Space Agency (ESA) and is both a space-flight and linguistics enthusiast.

Accredited by the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) as investigator in 1986, Gary subsequently became an astronomical consultant to BUFORA from 1990 to 1995. He ran a reference point to identify whatever astronomical and meteorological phenomena were reported as UFOs around the UK, assisting regional investigators in seeking relevant expertise, to determine and weed out the many misperceptions that naturally occur in UFO reportage.

A former feature editor of BUFORA’s magazine UFO Times Gary has been involved in publishing an ephemeris and space-flight news feature called ‘Skywatcher.’

Gary was a regular contributor and supporter of UFO Brigantia and Jenny Randles Northern UFO News and he was a member of the Independent UFO Network (IUN) based in Yorkshire. The IUN organised the first regular and major national British UFO conferences in the 80’s and 90’s involving hitherto unheard international speakers.

Gary is an ardent sceptical examiner of UFO and related claims with two decades experience, despite a curiosity that was initially fuelled by a personal UFO sighting in 1986. Currently Gary devotes whatever able and spare attention on historical, archival and literature research and interviewing claimants for a project examining alleged communication aspects of UFO and alien abduction encounters. Gary undertook an ambitious private project in 1999 to develop a database with the purpose of determining if any communication aspects could be linguistically or otherwise scientifically analysed in a useful manner. Working informally with scientists in cryptanalysis and linguistics, particularly Dr. Mark Newbrook,. This project is still ongoing.

Position statement:

“I am adhered to the UFO topic primarily by intriguingly simple inherent sociological dynamics and the possibility of unknown or exotic phenomena perhaps being responsible for fractions of the claims. Space exploration and the proliferation of science fiction into society, along with the very first UFO reports publicised in the media have all impacted in a continuing symbiotic sense shaping a significant portion of current 21st century thinking and belief. The Cold War was a pertinent byte of history for capturing insightful glimpses of how this thinking has evolved. Among the philosophical implications of UFOs, is a notion that taps into innate human and primitive instincts and at all levels repossesses attributes more commonly concatenated with religions and mythologies of the past and their search for an elusive ‘truth’ and meaning for life. We may have granted the lion’s share of space-borne hopes and fears to coalesce into an archetype, one that’s often unimaginatively and yet anxiously and inextricably embedded in our modern culture.”

Gary can be contacted at or telephoning 07810 384601.


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