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UFOlogyinuk mail list:
Formed in 1999, the only internet mail-list focussed exclusively on UK ufology. Contributors include some of the country's most prolific and active authors, researchers, and investigators.

The full Condign report (MoD web site, 32 files, 247 Mb):

An excellent analysis of 1990 UFO reports by British fighter pilots:

The National Archives on-line catalogue:

The National Archives Research Note No 6: UFOs:

Ian Ridpath’s Rendlesham pages:

Project 1947:

The Project Blue Book Archive:

Fortean Times magazine:

Magonia magazine:

Magonia Exchange newsgroup:

Lakenheath-Bentwaters incident 1956 (Martin Shough)

Tim Printy’s Skeptical UFO pages:

UFO Updates newsgroup

UFOPop -Flying Saucers in Popular Culture:

EuroUFONet – a virtual community of scientific orientated UFOlogists in Europe

Roswell Report: Case Closed (USAF)

The Campaign for Freedom of Information (UK)

Your Right to Know – Heather Brooke’s FOI pages


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