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In October 1983 the News of the World broke the story contained in Halt's memo and the MOD Press Office began to receive calls from newspapers and TV stations from across the world. DS8 prepared what it called a “Defensive Press Line” that attempted to put a halt (no pun intended) to further media questions on the story.

Pam Titchmarsh of DS8, in her covering letter to MOD Public Relations Office, notes that the report in the News of the World said that the MOD and USAF “both referred callers to the other will have done nothing but confirm suspicions held in UFO circles that we are engaged in a cover-up!”

In a hand-written briefing prepared for her superiors Titchmarsh wrote:


We spoke yesterday about the attached article. I have instituted investigations and attach a press line and Q&A brief which I propose sending to the DPO [Departmental Press Office]. This will hopefully put them on the right track should there be further inquiries.

The News of the World story appears to be one fabrication after another. Lt. Col. Halt has not spoken to anyone from the News of the World nor has he been told his career would be in jeopardy if he talked about the incident. The report has not been classified top secret by the USAF - the only report prepared by the USAF is that contained on our files and which is unclassified!

The alleged interview with Sqn. Ldr. Moreland is also a fabrication. He stated that ‘to the best of my knowledge Lt. Col. Halt is a very genuine person’ but gave no details of any conversation he had had with Halt nor did he say ‘whatever it was, it was able to perform feats in the air which no known aircraft is capable of doing.’

As regards the information allegedly provided by the former security policeman [‘Art Wallace’ or Larry Warren] this is completely untrue. The personnel who went into the forest to investigate the lights went on foot - not in a jeep. Only three patrolmen entered the forest, contrary to the report of more than 200 RAF and USAF personnel being present. There was never any question of alien beings. Nor is there any truth in the statement that ‘Art Wallace’ and others were interviewed by the CIA and told to keep quiet. The US authorities did not carry out any such investigations but left MOD to carry out its own investigations.

Ops(GE) has checked the question of radar traces with NATO who have informally stated that nothing was seen on any radar recordings although they did receive a report of a sighting from a civil aircraft.

The unfortunate point about the article is the fact that MOD refused to comment on the grounds that it was a matter for the USAF while USAF were saying it was a matter for the MOD - an ideal support to the theory of an MOD cover-up! »

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