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The release of the MOD file is a major breakthrough in our understanding of what happened in Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. There is nothing in the file to support claims that a cover-up had taken place to hide evidence of ET landings, or that the MOD showed anything other than disinterest in the whole saga from the very beginning.

Rather than being a “smoking gun” the file contents chart the growth of a UFO myth from birth to full maturity. Jenny Randles has commented on her interpretation of the MoD Rendlesham file in an article for UFO Evidence:

What did Col Halt and the other USAF witnesses see in Rendlesham Forest on the nights of 26 and 27/28 December 1980? I can only agree with DI 55 that the best explanation is that they saw “unexplained lights.”

But perhaps the most amusing anecdote in the file concerns an anonymous letter posted to the Base Commander, RAF Woodbridge, and dated 16 November, 1983. The letter read:

“I hope you will forgive a letter from a complete stranger but I wish to express to you a very serious matter. Around your Base and several more in Norfolk and Suffolk you have seven different peoples from outer space planets watching every move that is made by your forces. These seven peoples from these planets are very kind and advanced cultures and would like to meet you all from each Airforce base to speak to you about many dangers that face our whole planet. I know three of these creatures, or peoples very well. Two of them come from the main Sequence - Sub-Dwarfs Solar System, a neighbouring Solar System in the vicinity of our own Sun. One of these peoples are named the Krxyzcs from the second planet out from the Star Kruger 60B and the next is the Cock-Et-Tarros the third planet out from the star Barnards and one is from our own Solar System Pluto; the Plutonions I know well. Now within the next 3 months perhaps possibly before that they will give you a kind of demonstration to prove to you all that they are serious with regard to meeting some of your High Ranking Officers. The way they will prove to us is by speaking through your sophisticated Radio Systems and at times abducting High Ranking Men from your Bases, and they will be doing the same in other countries including Russia.

“Sir, I beg of you not to make fun of this letter as it is the truth as Heaven is my Judge and this matter I can help you with.”

Squadron Leader Moreland forwarded the letter to Pam Titchmarsh at DS8, Whitehall, with the comment:

“The enclosed letter was sent to the Base Commander here, and I forward it for any action you consider necessary. They didn’t teach me about the Sub-Dwarfs Solar System when I studied Astro Navigation at Navigation School!”

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